Corporate Info:

PhotoBlocker™, makers of PhotoBlocker™ Spray, PhotoShield™ and Reflector cover, has designed and manufactures passive anti-photo-radar defenses. We have been in business since 1996. Over the years we have grown leaps and bounds into the world's largest manufacturer of passive anti-radar and anti-red-light camera products.

Proven Products:

Our products have been independently tested and proven by several TV Stations and automotive magazines. Our independent dealers and distributors have sold PhotoShield™ and PhotoBlocke™r to tens of thousands of motorists around the world.

Volume Discounts:

Dealers, distributors, and importers are welcome to buy directly from PhotoBlocker™ at large volume discounts. We also work with agents and run a successful affiliate program.

Dealer Support:

PhotoBlocker™ has a strong dealer support program. We provide our dealers wholesale prices and tools to successfully sell our products.

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