With the speed at which red-light cameras have become commonplace in cities across Canada, Brian Pubrat, marketing director of Plate, has taken a simple approach to marketing the Photoblocker™ line of products. As a dealer and affiliate, Brian designed a website using many of the images and information available to him. Next, Brian launched a series of highly successful press releases timed to coincide with announcements concerning speed and red-light cameras. The media attention has been overwhelming. “We always notice a definite increase in business when we launch a press release. Motorists hear about the products and look for ways to beat the potential tidal wave of tickets that red-light and speed cameras will bring”, says Brian.

In just over two months, Plate has quickly become one of the super affiliates in the program. During this time, the website has generated over $9,000 in sales. “This is just a scratch on the surface,” says Brian who also notes, “that, as more Canadian cities move towards implementing speed and red-light cameras the popularity of the Photoblocker™ spray will only increase.”